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lukMiner - luk's Cryptonight(-family) Miner

This README's main purpose is to instruct on how to use and run the miner; for more information relating to the miner - supported platforms, supported coins, developer shares for the various configuration, performance for various hardware platforms, plans for the future, temperature on the back side of the moon, or anything else, please refer to either one of the three links below:

Using LukMiner

Basic Usage is ./<binaryName> <args> , with binary name and arguments as follows:

Pick your binary

Depending on your architecture, pick:

Note that cpu, knc, knc-native, and knc-mpss have been disabled and are no longer supported.

Command line arguments

The miner understands the following arguments:

Mining Algorithm to Use

The miner currently understands the following algorithms (via "--algo "):


Example: Running the x200 Xeon Phi miner for mining Monero on dwarfpool (after the March 2019 'v4r' fork)

./luk-phi -a xmr-v4r --host --port 8080 --user 45Pw3bWFJXQiR1hN97huM6BbNPpnYdPytWnTUbkEm6KS9MExU7Gtr3nBsVoZA746qhCEwqVsFuPdwfXVtZwXxHQ6LDyfBaL --pass x

Example: Running the x200 Xeon Phi miner for mining loki on cryptoknight pool:

./luk-phi -a xnheavy --host --port 7733 --user LEc5AVn9BeME2zwrfEaKB3BHVEc8or1vMWNvk6QGDyQNefHTfuiBsFU3UfaECTD9c2gih94K9WqVQjbD9Juto1Pe225SAUn.100000

Example: Running with x200 KNL PCI cards (7220A, 7240P) using MPSS offload (for loki on pool):

./luk-mpss-knl -a xnheavy --host --port 5555 --user LEc5AVn9BeME2zwrfEaKB3BHVEc8or1vMWNvk6QGDyQNefHTfuiBsFU3UfaECTD9c2gih94K9WqVQjbD9Juto1Pe225SAUn.100000 --pass w=myWorkerName

Example: Running cpu miner for alloy coin:

 ./luk-cpu -a xnalloy --host --port 5662 --user A6MKy9TZabKU1LFuA7J97QXVrLMnWRMmhaM6GANzpU98i5wr31zNMEN39szAUvgPfoLw1Jvm3KnAnNzpWMBZfMYZBRPGdGr --pass x

Example: Running old, x100 Xeon Phi PCI cards using MPSS offload; mining aeon on aeon-pool

./luk-mpss-knc -a aeon --host --port 8080 --user Wmt5hTKURa1bzAaUroB9JQByeiK7nPooLf4KcMXBCjMfdbeoTHVWzXePHMiyGFTNVhgtzXrxn9vZTfCqKFD57oea2UV2de3Qy --pass x

Example: Running with x200 KNL PCI cards (7220A, 7240P) using MPSS offload (for haven):

./luk-mpss-knl -a xnhaven --host --port 4005 --user hvxxwLQB2wC1dmdSzw1fyTiMUhPa438YxgrZZPsv1Tkj5tgMLpN58SDikUGfBmkJ7RXXTRAzmYALa9vMe5P55L1m3aGHQpLWcM.100000 --pass w=myWorkerName

Example: Running with x200 KNL PCI cards (7220A, 7240P) using MPSS offload (for stellite):

./luk-mpss-knl -a xnstellite --host --port 16222 --user Se48FcbD5uWF2AVsMgDuj918yTtRDPC5H218ZsXBP6jtCpmGdDa8D97Q6f9jWWUkeK2snno9rr8CoVjU1KKh7vxP13C6xLVGx.150000 --pass 'w=myRig'

Example: Bittube/IPBC

     ./luk-cpu -a ipbc --host --user bxcH7ypUkmt12peei8zF9ocUT92AJhxgiPi4MRotgmRaaUDa3V1uhj9ac9SQCzAVUnPeJ66HxJ9zs97ZF2MXENWj1P54GdaYh --port 5631 --pass 'w=myRig'

Additional Information on Different Binaries

LukMiner comes with multiple different pre-compiled binaries; typially because either a given platofrm requires a binary that isn't compatible with other platforms (say, -knc-native for knights corner devices won't run on a regular CPU; or x200 Phi binaries won't run on x100 Phi cards, etc); or because a binary requires additional dependencies that not everybody might have (e.g., the -mpss binaries requires you to have a working install of the intel MPSS stack, which many machines do not have).

As such, you first have to choose the right binary from the following list:

Binaries you run directly on the CPU

Binaries to drive PCI cards (Xeon Phis or GPUs)

All all these three "offload" binaries also contain the plain cpu driver, so unless you turn CPU mining off explicitly it will automatically run on all GPUs/Phis and on the CPU.

Release Notes